2013 Airstream Sport 22FB Review

by RVGuide.com

If you saw the Airstream Sport cruising down the freeway, you’d think you were transported into a sci-fi movie, where characters drive vehicles that fend off aliens and defy gravity. To your pleasant surprise, you wouldn’t be too far off. This bullet-shaped trailer is designed to deter intruders and deflect wind. The 2013 Airstream Sport Travel trailer is light, stable and easy to tow. It’s a great option for those who want to hitch up and hit the road.

Two Sport platforms are available to choose from and we’ll be looking at the 22FB, the larger option. It has an exterior length of 21’8”, an exterior width of 7’3.25”, interior width of 6’11.75”, and exterior height of 9’3”. Its hitch weight is 3,634lbs and its gross vehicle rate rating is 4,500lbs. For water, the fresh water tank capacity is 20 gallons, its black water capacity is 18 gallons, and its gray water capacity is 24 gallons. The water heater with electric ignition is 6.0 gallons.

Designed like a bullet, the 2013 Airstream Sport has a lower center of gravity and excellent crosswind deflection that creates stability when towing. Airstream founder Wally Byam created aluminum trailers with rounded, low-profile shapes, adding rocket science to the travel trailer market. The inner and outer layers of stretched aluminum are wrapped around aluminum frames that create a rigid and durable body. The lower center of gravity is the result of a rubber tension axle with undermounted holding tanks. The smart structure of the 22FB makes for a stable and fuel-efficient travel trailer.

What the Airstream Sport lacks in size, it makes up for in its use of space. Firstly, you have three décor options to choose from: Mochablue, Sharksfin, and Cinnabar. Mochablue consists of warm browns and creams, while Sharksfin consists of funky patterns and lots of grays and Cinnabar features warm browns and soft burgundies. All three options are as modern and stylish inside as they are on the outside.

Whether you’re exploring the U.S. outdoors from state to state or going on a one-week camping trip, the Airstream Sport lets you live large in a cozy environment. The living area has full closeout drapes on the panoramic windows so you can eat breakfast while looking out onto the lake or forest. The laminate interior countertops are easy to keep clean and the vinyl flooring is seamless. Storage is available in the overheads with tambour doors, which make the small space look less cluttered. For entertainment, you have a TV with a retractable roof antenna, AM/FM radio, interior speakers, and standard DVD Player.

The kitchen is simple but it gets the job done. All the furniture sits on vinyl flooring. Chop vegetables on the laminated galley top and cook your food on the two-burner cook top with an overhead fan for ventilation. Keep food fresh in the 4.2-cubic-foot refrigerator, powered electrically and with propane. When you’re finally done cooking, you can enjoy your meal in the dining area, which consists of a U-shaped dinette by day and a comfy bed by night.

In the bathroom you’ll find all the necessities, including a stand-up shower, toilet, and sink. As well, the bathroom offers ample counter space so you can shave, groom, and wash with lots of room to set things down. On hectic mornings, you can even share the sink with your partner.

When you’re ready to catch some sleep, walk through the living room and into the bedroom. This is a compact trailer, so the bedroom is quite small. It holds a 54” by 83” bed for two with storage above – and that’s about it. Nothing fancy. The bedroom doesnot have a privacy door – just a curtain. There’s a window above the bed as well so if you want natural sunlight, just open the blinds. One drawback to the bedroom is its location. It’s right beside the kitchen, so all the smells that encompass cooking might bother you when you’re trying to sleep. However, this is something you have to accept when dealing with small spaces.

The 2013 Airstream Sport Travel Trailer 22FB sells for around $49, 000. For more information, check out http://www.airstream.com/.

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