2013 TrailManor Classic Series 2922KD Review

by RVGuide.com

TrailManor’s engineers have developed a camper as convenient as a folding chair and as creative as a pop-up card. This folding hard-wall trailer tows like a pop up and sets up faster than a tent. Built for camping enthusiasts, the TrailManor is a reliable confederate for family adventures in the wild outdoors.

The TrailManor 2922 is available in three floorplans – we’ll focus on the 2922KD. Its layout is built for a couple seeking an easy-to-tow trailer with the space and comfort of a suburban home. Its open equivalent trailer size is 29’ and its closed towing length is 21’9”. It has an open body length of 26’4”, open outside height of 101.5”, closed outside height of 67.25”, outside width of 7’7” and inside headroom of 6’4”. It has a dry weight of 2,975 lbs, tongue weight of 434 lbs and loading capacity of 1,350 lbs. It comfortably sleeps four.

Built to be lightweight, even TrailManor’s laminated countertops are half the weight of the particleboard counters found in other trailers. The lightweight walls and roof are laminated with polystyrene insulation that has aluminum on both sides. This means there is better insulation than other conventional travel trailers and better insulation means more savings and less wasted energy. The floor has a laminated construction that TrailManor boasts is lighter and more durable than other camper floors.

TrailManor’s 2922 models are the newest models in the TrailManor family and have the exact same floorplans as other models, except for one major change; the bed. The 2922KD is equipped with a large king-sized bed that can sleep two comfortably. If you want to nap without being interrupted, then shut the privacy curtains. Above the bed are windows with blinds so light won’t creep in when you sleep. Despite the small bedroom space, there is ample storage scattered throughout the room. There’s a three-drawer dresser and a wardrobe below the bed.

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When the weather isn’t cooperating and outdoor barbeques are impossible, cook up a storm in your kitchen. Rinse vegetables in the stainless steel kitchen sink with metal faucets. Chop vegetables on the granite-look counters. Fry them on the Wedgewood three-burner range, equipped with an oven. In case of an emergency, the trailer is equipped with a smoke detector. Store meats and veggies in the Norcold three-way refrigerator. Use the kitchen cabinets to store condiments, cereals and canned goods. Lazy cooks can throw their frozen TV dinners in the microwave, instead of fiddling with recipes and washing pots. Enjoy your meals at the large dinette, located beside a window.

Unlike many travel trailer bathrooms, the 2922KD is spacious and even contains a bathtub. The hard wall bathroom uses fluorescent lighting and is equipped with a power bath vent, toilet, sink, and drawers for storing toiletries and towels. If you want to feel at one with nature when you’re camping, you can avoid the bathroom altogether by making use of the bushes outside and the outdoor shower.

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Getting away from the big city does not necessarily mean getting away from your favorite TV shows. The TrailManor Classic comes with a TV shelf and TV antenna with a power amplifier. You can also request a satellite dish and a hanging LCD TV mount. The entertainment center is located in the living room that’s decorated with maple cabinetry and deluxe interior fabrics.

TrailManor gives you options so you can build your dream camper based on your family’s needs. If you want to save energy and the environment then request solar panels for your vehicle – a great future investment. To maximize interior space, request a Swing-Around Tongue, which reduces storage length by two feet. If biking is on your agenda when you take camping trips, then install a bike carrier receiver. If you plan on exploring Mother Nature on hot, summer days then request a low profile roof air conditioner. You can get a stove cover for your three-burner range and a microwave box with drawer for your microwave.

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The engineers at TrailManor know that your family’s priority is spending time in the great outdoors. That’s why the 2922KD is equipped with an outdoor shower, an outside park cable and an outside phone jack. It’s designed for convenience and durability. Even when you unhitch it on a rainy day, you don’t have to worry about getting anything wet. Best of all, you don’t need a large tow vehicle to take it on trips – a small minivan or SUV will do.

The 2013 TrailManor Classic Series 2922KD sells for around $36,000. For more information visit http://www.trailmanor.com/.